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Our firm has been founded in Hadimkoy /Istanbul in 1993. From its foundation to 2000, the firm carries its business on manufacturing extrusion, pasting and cutting dies and hydraulic machine. After that year, the firm made a beginning in the energy and electric sector. It expanded its products and started manufacturing the low and medium voltage pylons, wall box and energy transmission line laterals. Besides, with the increase in demand of the polygon fractal conic lamppost, the order of Lampposts, Projector Posts, Flagstaffs, Antenna and Transmitter Poles and the Mobile Electronic System Integration (MOBESE) Security Camera Posts embody our whole manufacture. So in line with these demands, we've modernized ourselves and our machine park and formed new machines, new production lines and new engineer staff and founded a project- follow up department. We've branded Kule Direk in Turkey and in most countries of the world. As you know, it takes temporarily progressing and keeping up the quality high to keep the sustainability in any market and to put the customer satisfaction ahead. So being Kule Direk, to be able to compete in the World market with this conscious and belief, we go on as an innovative firm that follows the technology constantly and likes working steel with an ambitious qualified staff and we know that belief is the secret of our standing and progressing. Along with the manufacturing, Kule Direk firstly raised its own business development and personal skills both about engineers and in intermediate staff and in raising masters in the factory and with some seminars and courses. Kule Direk raised so many people by raising its product quality and still goes on doing that in a school vision. We are glad to work with you, our partners, today and tomorrow like we were yesterday.
Founded in 2003 in Ankara, Isin Manufacturing, Lighting, Logistics, Food Ltd. Co. has become one of the leading brands of the sector by growing in a short time with its dynamic structure. The company, which has been operating with unconditional customer satisfaction principle since its establishment, has demonstrated that it deserves this satisfaction and trust with the unlimited effort that it shows in the production phase and after sales services. Although the main items of the product portfolio are lighting poles with polygonal and circular cross section, projector poles with protected stairs and portable ladders, projector poles with standard elevators and human elevators, stadium lighting poles, flagpoles with external and internal rope, elevated flagpoles, overhead pole posts, GSM poles, poles for city surveillance cameras, lightning rods, loudspeaker, camera poles, advertising columns any kind of special projects and production can also be realized depending on customer’s demand. In line with the increase in demand for decorative poles, the company established Bofas manufacturing company in 2007 and put into operation the leading electrostatic powder coating plant in Turkey. Thanks to these investments, Isin Lighting has become the leader of the sector in Turkey, with many alternatives such as decorative polygonal poles, pipe poles, decorative aluminum poles and stainless steel poles in addition to the standard polygonal poles, it offers the services of a modern urban architecture. Isin Lighting has become a well-known brand not only in Turkey but also abroad because of the importance it gives to investments and exports. Our company is raising the flag of our country day by day with the exports to Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. With its dynamic and innovative structure, the company is proud of making its name in a short time abroad as it is in the country.
Artasil Group is one of the main Turkish manufacturer of hot dip galvanized steel street lighting poles, decorative poles, Led fixtures, Led projectors, flag poles, tubular poles, camera poles, high mast poles, stadium poles, energy transmission line poles, traffic lighting poles, overhead poles, metro line poles and GSM poles. Our entire production process from design to after-sale is flexible and responsive to meet technical and architectural needs of each client and project. Our products are designed by our creative and innovative designers .All statically calculations are done by our experienced engineers. Artasil Group has expanded its market with it is major business strategy by targeting world market and doing exports to public contractors, private industrial and civil work projects. Our products are internationally recognized and today Artasil Group exports to more than 23 countries. Across the world, countless roads, airports, stadiums, shopping centers and towns are lighted by Artasil Group. “Our company is supplier and exporter of galvanized products, lighting poles, decorative poles, flag poles, stadium lighting poles, metro line poles, tubular poles, autocrash barrier systems, steel wire guardrail system, sign poles, signboards, traffic sign poles, camera poles, gsm poles, overhead poles, steel construction, wind breaker panel... We will be glad to be your reliable and regular supplier for your requirements.”
ETIEN will continue to share its leading position in the sector and its professional work experience with its esteemed solution partners thanks to its long-term and disciplined collaborations and stable, reliable and principled honest trade. Our company which stands out with its commitment to the principles and aims the full satisfaction of the customers; offers quality products in the most economical conditions in accordance with the needs of our customers; establishes long-term relationships based on mutual trust.
BETOKAV Santrifuj Beton Direk Tesisleri were established within the body of KAV Construction in 1996 in Konya 1st Organized Industrial Zone. Our company BETOKAV A.S. continues its activities with the new company name.